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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

No cocksucker from Yankton is gonna blinker my interests

Deadwood on HBO is one of my favorite things on this planet right now. Violence, sex, great acting, great writing and a swell historical vibe. I've always loved Westerns, particularly those by Sam Peckinpah. Deadwood feels like a Peckinpah TV show (actually Sam got his start in TV westerns way back in the Rifleman days along with Robert Altman). Todays Westerns mostly leave me cold. I find things to like about Open Range and all that but for the most part I think the characters are just too nice and squeaky clean. What we need are more characters like Al Swearengen. You know-the kind you hate to love or love to hate. One of the best aspects of Deadwood from a character standpoint is everyone, even the worst of the worst, remains identifiablely human. Sure I hate Cy Tolliver and can't wait to see him die a slow death at the hands of Hearst in the season finale but I empathize with him more than I would like to admit (except to you but that's only because I trust you so much). Shit even that Jack the Ripper sumbitch Wolcott comes across as human even if his actions don't. That's one of the craziest things about Deadwood: for all the cursing and blood it is one of the most Humanist works I have ever had the opportunity to enjoy. If only Warren Oates was still around to guest star...

Friday, May 13, 2005

About last night...

So I wrote this song about my brother last night and performed it at the After 9 Show. It strange writing about things that are so close to you, they sneak up on you and curl in your lap like a cat or something. I'm not sad about the song or anything like that. I mean I've gone through the grieving process for a while now and this does not really hurt anymore, y'know? I feel, well, good. Justified or something. Like, this is what I want to do with my life, write about living and hurting and loving and surviving blah blah blah. I guess I just don't actually DO IT often enough. Chilly hairs on the back of the neck, y'know? I feel like I'm in motion again. And it is the most remarkable feeling in the world.

The L Word pisses me off

Has anyone else seen this show? It swell in its own way: lots of pretty girls doing pretty things to each other, a Peaches cameo (really cool stuff there) and generally fine acting. Shit they even give guys a chance to share the spotlight. I'm just all depressed because Ossie Davis (JFK from Bubba Ho-tep) died in the last episode and I have to miss him all over again. What I great guy! Kinda like the preacher/grampa I never had. *sigh* I wish I was snorting coke off a strippers ass.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Aw! I'm touched (in the head)!

Well, it means a lot to have all this action at the ol' homestead. Knowing some assholes I already know are reading this thing makes me all warm and fuzzylike. Inside. Outside I remain withdrawn and uncommunicative, the way the ladies like it.

Listened to the Pillage People advance CD again last night and I still think King Hippo has the most original ryhmes (is that what they are called?) I'm biased as I have known said Hippo for many moons but the turns of phrase hit home in ways I was not prepared for. I'll come up with examples later.

Psyched about the Shrevport show on the 21st as well as having Benedict and Chadwick staying over for Friday the 13th. With any luck there will be some Brett easton Ellis style excess that evening. Speaking of Mr. Ellis I read some of his short stories last night (The Informers collection) and was struck by how sad they made me. Perhaps it has something to do with the advance of maturity into the lifestyle but the excesses and drugs and music and products jsut seem so much MORE shallow than they used to. No fulfillment, money don't buy happiness, etc. What a drag. Needless to say I loved it.

Watched a documentary(?) called Africa Addio last night. Excellent. Find a copy and check out the wastage of European collonialism and mob politics as the Dark Conitent goes up in flames in the mid-'60s. Just like it does today. Glad I live in the USA where I have all the comforts of home. Or something.

Well, that's it for now. I've gotta figure out what I want to do for the After 9 Show tonight (song? story? both?).

"King Saul fell on his sword
When it all went wrong
And Joseph's brothers sold him
Down the river for a song
Sonny Liston rubbed
Some Tiger Balm into his glove
Some things you do for money
Some you do for love."
-the mountain goats

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

It's a hap-hap-happy day!

Has anyone ever seen that Gulliver's Travels cartoon from the 1930s? It has a really creepy rotoscoped Gulliver and songs that make you want to smack your mother. God I loved it! Smacking my mother, that is.

I miss Brett Roman. I know he is homosexual and despite this sexual handicap he is a swell fellow who cannot hold his vodka. I imagine he's the sort you could drive around backroads with shooting ostriches on a cool spring evening before heading back to his bunglow for wine, cheeses and anal sex. Ah to be young and elastic again! Those were the days of wine and sodomy they were o yes indeed.

The new Ben Folds CD is as good as anything he has ever done. Favorite track: "Gracie" about his daughter. I hate all fo my friends children and wish they had never been born but I cannot help feeling misty when someone sings about their daughter. If (IF) I ever have kids they will probably all be girls and will break my heart and walk all over me. And I'll put up with it because I want their love so badly. Rotten skanks-to-be!

Band is argueing about this remix of a track we got from some fuck in Washington DC. I don't like it so much but I look forward to what he does with "Couldn't Find Carrie". If he hurts my baby I'll kill him I will I will. Actually anything that sounds oddball and different to me is just fine. I ain't no musician but I knows what I likes. And I don't like this.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Holding breath, counting to ten and rethinking my position.

Well, what I wrote yesterday is a bit off. I left out the very important fact that if I am in a business then I have partners and this is something to consider. If I borrow money from the whole entity then the whole entity should be consulted. I suppose I was pissed about the tone of some comments that had been made to me about borrowing money (which will still be paid back) without consulting the other band members. And y'know? They're right, shoulda asked. Anyway...

Monday, May 02, 2005

Well, everyone makes mistakes...