Bill is a bunny

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

My shit is dope!

Why doesn't my blog update instantaneously? It gets on my tits, man!

Whew! I need a break from the serious-time to get delerious!

Well, Brett was right, my predictions regarding Deadwood were not entirely acurate. Maybe Tolliver will live to sleaze around for another season. I actuallly enjoy his character quite a bit and Powers Boothe deserve a great deal of credit for that. Loved him in Sin City even though he was only there for a few minutes.

Chris Jay continues to amaze me with his general goodness. Never was as good as him but that doesn't stop the love, fellas. Can't wait to see him rock the socks off some ninjas in Shreveport.

Didn't go to Shrevport yesterday as planned. Monday night became a little hectic and I needed a break. holed up with my mother for Tuesday evening and read a few Charles Beaumont short stories. What a swell writer! Most of the best Twilight Zone episodes were written by him.

Mom made red beans and rice with some good ham she had in the fridge. I took one of those Beano pills to keep the farts at bay but it didn't work. Farts to beat the band. Kinda fun actually especially since I didn't have to worry about offending anyone-just let 'em rip! Some had a deep timber that was satisfying in a very special way that I need not share with you. Like a tuba in my ass playing "Gloria" with Van Morrison on kazoo. Or maybe not.

Tired of the rain but know we need it. Want to eat crawfish and listen to jazz while wearing a three piece suit. Kirk Douglas kicks ass!