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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Unfinished projects...

One of the comments on my previous post came down kinda hard on my unfinished projects of which there are many. My initial reaction was anger at being criticized. I guess that's kinda knee-jerk. But the comment absolutely true. There are TONS of things I started or talked about starting that never got completed. I wish I could say I was busy or emotionally distraught at the time but I think it really comes down to being lazy. Look at the blog entries from months previous. I've probably updated this blog more times in the past week than I have in the past three months. That's kinda a drag. What's worse is I involve other people in these projects (Reve ol' buddy I'm typing directly to you) and let them down. Well, maybe (MAYBE) these recent posts are a sign of things to come. If I could complete the Christmas project in time for December that would kick ass. Guys like Chris Jay inspire me to no end. I read his blog on a daily basis and he constantly has updates on his projects. Sure a lot of the updates are gripes regarding the difficulty he's run into etc. But no one ever said something worth doing would be easy. A game plan is needed. I'll work on that tonight and get back to y'all tomorrow. Thanks anonymous (though it's pretty obvious who you are) taking me to task is sometimes just what I need. Enough lipservice. I have thinking to do.

Monday, August 29, 2005

More details about the party

I arrived around 7:00 and left the next afternoon around 5:30. Hot dogs were indeed served with more condiments than anyone deserved. There were wasabi peas on hand as well, which I love. A kind soul arrived later in the evening bearing ribs which were also consumed with glee. I got to see Chad and Carter which kicked much ass. I also got to remeet Sara's friend Sarah who I tried to make out with once two years ago and ended up scaring quite badly leaving Sara H. to man the kissing booth at the battle of the bands alone (sorry). I got to talk to Sammy of Midwest Caravan fame for A WHILE WHICH WAS LOVELY. hE'S A SWELL GUY AND ONE OF MY FAVORITE FOLKS. i HOPE aRKANSAS TREATS HIM WELL. nOMA AND cHRIS AND i TALKED ABOUT TEACHING THE HEARING IMPAIRED AND THEIR BAND lIQUIDROME AS WELL AS THE SUPERCOOL SOUNDING dAY OF THE dEAD EXHIBIT THAT'S COMING IN sEPTEMBER. sOUNDS COOL. nOMA GAVE ME A CD (fuggin' cap lock button) and I'll listen to it after practice tonight. My birthday gofts for Chris and Sara were well recieved. I played drunken crouquet (badly) and incurred the wrath of Io for breaking my whiskey bottle (empty) with my mallet. I want to go on the record for cleaning it up afterward. Many folks made fun of me for being drunk early in the evening then turned around and vomited all over the backyard later while I held their hands (HA HA amateurs!) and I praised Chris as he hosed off the vomit the next day. I went to Li'l Joe's around 3:30 AM with a strange Indian fellow (hereforth dubbed the "Dork of Delhi") and got to see Benedict which brightened my smile. I woke early and went to Best Buy where I purchased a DVD called "Bizarre" which is some weirdo sexploitation art film from England. The real value on the DVD were the two short films starring WS Burroughs Sr. and Brion Gysin called the Cut-ups and Towers Open Fire. I forced Chris Jay to watch them with a hang over much to his dismay and my amusement. Chris Brown came in after the Cut-ups and asked us if we were trying to drive ourselves insane. I said "Yes." Chris and I decided to make our ownb art film inspired by this but more an that later. I have to go back to work now.

Whew! What a great party!

Well, Shreveport was wonderful as always. I got to meet lots of swell folks (Noma and Chris this means you!) and some not so great folks (the guys who puked in the bushes) Drunken crouquet, conversations that lasted hours and most importantly the SHreveport girls. I strongly suspect that SHreveport girls are the hottest girls in North Louisiana. Golly, I can't wait to get back there soon.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Hot dogs and hot lips

Well, I'm psyched about going to Shreveport this weekend. I am going to purchase Chris and Sara's gifts after work today and I think they'll be mighty pleased with my selections. Chris is getting the lion's share because he's my brother from a different mother. Sorry Sara, I'll give you more hugs than Chris. Hot dogs and crouquet, oh, man, this will be fun!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A little change

Now anyone can post on my blog. Feel free. You don't have to identify yourself or anything. Call me a dick, a selfish asshole, a total dillweed. I welcome any and all comments. Gosh, I hope this was the right thing to do...

School times at the OK Corral

I'm at work right now and secretly updating my blog during lunch. I feel mad subversive! The kids are being surprisingly well behaved today. The A/C in the art room (where I'm typing this) is on the fritz so the sweat is collecting on my back and will no doubt cascade down into my buttcrack when I stand up. I shiver at the thought. I'm overjoyed that Mark Branch is back in state and just saw a wonderful film called OldBoy last night from Korea. It knocked my socks off. I thought it would be a gory fight flick but it turned out to be a swell combo of Amelie (the movie not my cat) and Fight Club (kinda). Check it out. I'll be in SHreveport this weekend for Chris and Sara's birfday bash and will bring presents from US-a-Dollar, the finest Asian dollar store ever! Noma-you kick ass!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

As long as we're at it

Grand times. Glad I could facilitate. Hope all y'all dig my honesty here. Wish we could get it from y'all elsewhere.


So, nobody reads this, eh?

Well, I told some of the folks involved with some of the posts here that I was writing about them.


Well, I guess I want their attention, though I should probably direct my attentions elsewhere. Like the band. Or my new job.

But right now in my life I think that I would rather do this. I want you both (or all) to know how much I feel about what you have done to touch my life.

Hey! Nobody meant to hurt anybody. Right?

Nobody knows

I've been trying to determine where the really real world and this blog ends. We'll see in the next couple of days.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Last show blues

Well, I'm up at the computer lab making CDs as keepsakes for Corbin's last show with us. There are three tracks: Cannon in Despair, Presidential Candidate and an instrumental version of Casino with only Corbin's piano. Prior to this the Vidrines met at Corbin's house and loaded a real live piano into a U-Haul trailer (I hate U-haul, I've had far too much interaction with them this summer) and toted it up to Olive Street for the show. So I'm up here, sliding back and forth between two computers and writing a bit then taking another CD and putting it into the computer to burn our little EP. And I'm sad. Really sad.

But not just because Corbin is leaving. I mean I'm sad about that, no question, but there's something else. Let me try to explain. A young lady named K was nice enough to help us with the U-Haul trailer. She drove it over to Corbin's for us. Very kind. And when she gets there she trots up to Justin Vidirne and proceeds to rag on me about how I used to dress and look in High School. "We used to call him Ringo!" Much laughter. "Yeah, he used to wear these cute little button up shirts and sweaters and had floppy hair. He was so Mod!" Ha ha ha. I decide it's time to retort:"Well, I don't look that way now, do I?" "No, Bill, you're just slovenly now. You went from Mod to bum." Then she trots off to hug the rest of the band. This, folks, gives me the red ass.

Now there should be some background here too. A couple of summers ago I started using "M" quite a bit. I became Mr. M around my neighborhood and had a pretty steady supply. K also broke up with her long term boyfriend and I developed a grand crush on her. Like, high school all over again. I was a complete tool and did all the obsessessive crudola that coimes with a crush and a head full of cr**k. I won't go into detail here but maybe I will some day. Anyway, she didn't really respond to my advances, I pouted for a year or so and stopped using cr**k. I remained on relative speaking terms with K but never really tried to be close with her again. Same old story, right ladies? Guy gets the brush off and you can forget about the runner up prize of friendship. We offer up our hearts and you give us a pen to write to them with. Whatever. I like to think that's all behind me right? I mean, that was like three years ago. I'm older, I'm wiser, I'm slightly more mature. But when she lightly mocked me tonight I got pissed. I guess she won. She doesn't give two shits about me and I still care waaaaaay to much about what she thinks.

I wish I could just turn off my emotions sometimes. I wouldn't feel any way except the way I wanted to. Zoloft, maybe? Nah, I dig the mood swings. I even kinda dig being angry at K. It reminds me of that summer I loved her. Don't get me wrong, that summer sucked on many levels. But it felt really raw and alive in some way. Like the last bit of my high school heart was fighting for one more day in the sun before adulthood really began to creep into the marrow. I told her I would love her forever. And in a way I guess I will if only for a few seconds.