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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Oh, shit, man...

Well, I broke down and got it: the Grindhouse 2-disc version of Cannibal Holocaust. Everybody knows I love me them nasty movies, the ones everyone else looks at on my shelves and says, "what are you, a freak or something?" Yep, I sure am, and make no bones about it. I just picked this sucker up from the mall while putting up flyers for The Vidrines Halloween Costume Ball (this Saturday at the Olive Street Dancehall. Open past 3 am due to daylight savings time, bitch) so I haven't watched it yet. But I'll be posting a full review here soon enough. Beware...this movie goes all the way!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

What next for the kids?

I found out today that Terry Gilliams Brazil is on the list of reccomended films to show for the Science Fiction block of our literature unit. How's that for cool? Once I'm done these kids will be better versed in cinema than most folks in film school. Now if I can just work in that Cassavetes unit...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Still Scary After All These Years

This past Friday I brought a couple of DVDs to show my first and second period 7th graders. One was a compilation of Simpsons Halloween episodes and the other was Poltergeist. I brought the Simpsons as a back up in case the home room teacher decided that Poltergeist was too extreme for the little tykes. I watched it for the first time in years the night before and found it to still be pretty intense stuff. Imagine my delight when Ms. Watson insisted on Poltergeist. I sat in the back of the room as the movie began and the kids began talking back to the screen (Eastgate, Monroe's $1 movie thetaer, closed years ago but watching movies with the kids always brings back fond memories of those particualrly noisy screenings). Nothing much happens in Poltergeist for the first twenty minutes or so, just the Freeling family doing family stuff in that uniquely Spielberg, 1980s kinda way. I was a bit concerned about the scene in which mom and dad share a joint while the kids are tucked in bed. But the kids took that as a matter of course. In fact one little girl said "That's just like my momma!" I have no opinion on that whatsoever.

So the kids think the movie is pretty stupid. They make fun of the clothes and the rich white people doing stupid shit that they would never do in a million years. Then the scary old tree outside grabs the son out of his bed and the shit hits the fan. I mean you could hear a pin drop in that classroom. We were retaking school pictures that day so I escorted a couple of the boys down to nthe gym and on my way back I could hear screams from the classroom. I rushed back to be greeted by some very excited young ladies. "Mr. Dunn, what you showing us?" "What is this movie?" "Where can I get me this?" I looked at the screen and Marty, one of the scientists brought in to investigate the haunting od the Freeling family was pulling off his face after a maggoty midnight snack. I never felt like more of a hero in my life.

I started over from Marty's midnight snack for the second period so the kids from first period that stuck in the classroom could finish the movie. Have you ever seen a classroom of too cool for school 7th graders jump out of their skins because of a movie that's more than twenty years old? Man, it is cool. Really really cool. I think I'm going to start digging into the backcatalog of 1970s and 1980s PG horror and action flicks to give the kids what they want from here on out. That shit works. And I can get away with a lot of shit that would be too intense for a PG-13 flick nowadays. Sometimes I love my job. And Friday was one of those special days. The little boogers...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Domino Darko

Last night I decided to go to the movies and catch a light entertainment. This past weekend I went to see History of Violence by David Cornenberg and left that feeling sorely disappointed. The reviews for that movie made it sound like the second coming and all I got out of it was a rather slowly paced slice of tedium masquerading as social commentary. Just because you slow everything down in a film does not automatically lend the events "weight".

Anyway, I opted to see "Domino" because the reviews were almost 100% bad. I figured if all the cats that were falling over themselves to praise a film I thought was a bore then the bad reviews might point me toward something I would enjoy. And I was right on the money.

"Domino" was written by Richard Kelly, the fellow behind "Donnie Darko", and directed by Tony Scott, Ridley's younger brother and director of one of my all time favorite flicks, "True Romance". Scott always seems to benefit from a hip young screenwriter and he does here in spades. Kelly's script doesn't reinvent the wheel or anything but it is an interesting story well told. We have almost non-stop humor and vilence mixed with some of the wildest characters you'll see anywhere this year. I had FUN with this movie, a LOT of FUN. The cherry on top was a left field cameo by Tom Waits that seemed straight out of "Natural Born Killers". In fact there was an overwhelming vibe of mid-1990s cool about this movie that made me wax nostalgic. No, it ain't the greatest story ever told and it won't make you reevaluate anything in your life. But it will entertain you if you don't let the non-sensical plot make you gassy.

Most of the negative reviews I have read bemaon the fact that this movie doesn't follow the actual events of Domino Harvey's life. At all. Basically this is a fictional world filled with fictional events and fictional characters. Because it's fucking fiction. Fun, fan fiction at that. Kiera Knightedly doesn't set the world on fire as Domino but Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken sure as fuck make up for that. Scott's directing style seems to be more and more influenced by the films of Wong Kar Wai of Chung King Express fame. In fact if "Domino" had been in Cantonese the film's reviews would have been glowing. For some reason Scott is continually lumped in with the McGs (CHarlies Angels for those who don't know or don't want to) when they could not be more different. Scott sustains hius thrills in ways that these hacks could never do. He throws everything at you and then slaps you with a carp for good measure. The violence and mysoginy run rampant through his films. And I love him for it.

Go see this movie in the theaters before it gets pulled. It DELIVERS THE GOODS, folks. It doesn't promise anything it doesn't give up on the first date. It makes the short list of Bill's favorite movies of 2005 (and 1995 for that matter). Also best credits of the year. Fucking great credits.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I have a frightening feeling...

I have recently been experiencing a new emotion This new emotion scares the shit out of me. I feel paternal. How's that for a kick in the teeth? I've always been too fucked up or too self-involved (and I still am a lot of the time) to feel this way. Or to even entertain the notion of feeling this way. I have this sick feeling in my gut that the world is about to turn again under my feet; the way it did when I hit puberty, discovered sex, experimented with drugs, realized I could fail, realized the world did not revolve around ME. I would guess that much of the past five years has been spent running blindly from the last realization. I have accepted it more or less now and this new sensation begins stirring. Oh, Christ, don't let me become a father. I am still not ready, never will be ready. I swear.

Bringing culture to the unwashed masses...

Tomorrow I'm showing my kids the conclusion of Hyao Myazaki's (I know I misspelled that name sorry) Nausicca of The Valley of the Wind. So far the kids have loved it, boys and girls. They dig the animals and insects and fights and animation AND the strong female heroine. Cool, huh? For English I'm supposed to bring in something else for Friday. I'm leaning toward Alfred Hitchcock Presents or The Tattle-Tale Heart (a marionette version of the Poe story). Murder and mayhem seem appropriate for the kiddy-pups after a long week at school. Sometimes I really love this job. Of course sometimes I'm not in a foul mood. *sigh*

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hot fun in the Autumn time...

This past weekend The Vidrines had some great shows to fill the void in our otherwise dreadful lives. Friday night we headlined at the Blue Monkey which we haven't done in a very long time. The place was pretty much the same, lousy service, a Vidrine constantly watching the door guy to make sure he wasn't stealing and a decent sized crowd of folks who seemed to really enjoy the show. Hometown (sorta) heroes Squint opened for us and gave us the door in exchange for opening Saturday's show in El Dorado at a club called Einstien's (I think that is actually how they spell it). I have never been to El Dorado before but the guys at the club were a swell bunch of folks that got behind us 100% and made us feel very welcome (and in fact invited us back which I am really looking forward to). There's something about walking into a rock club through a gargantuan, gaudy electric guitar with neon lights running up the frets that makes you feel like you're in the right place to rock. The gentleman who owns the club spoke to me after the show and was very supportive of what we were doing, which was a great relief to me as I constantly have a fear that someone is going to punch me in the face for wasting his five dollars.

What else? I sweated through two new suits, drank waaaaaay too much, smoked waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many cigarettes, blew out my voice, got Ronnie and myself lost in the "bad" part of El Dorado while on foot, threatened to beat a homeless man with my belt if he did not leave us alone (he was not intimidated to say the least), danced quite a bit, talked to a bunch of strangers about a bunch of subjects, heard a couple of folks at the bar compare us to the Arcade Fire (huh?) and never once saw Brett Roman or Chadwick Vegas. Where the fuck were they? Are they okay? Why don't their cell phones work? I need answers, dammit!

Friday, October 07, 2005

And now the thrilling conclusion...

Well, just to keep everyone who reads this ridiculously titled blog abreast (hee, hee, I said "breast"!) of the band situation, I have come clean with all my bandmates regarding the situation I had a hand in creating regarding my less than honest actions the other week (what a run-on sentence that was!) We all sat down during a break in rehearsals and I apologized for lying and promised to never do it again. The "business" we're in will contain enough dishonest people for us to deal with, I didn't need to compound the problem by being dishonest with a fellow Vidrine. The fellow in question was incredibly gracious about the whole thing, didn't rub my face in it and I think the hatchet has been buried, and not in one of our scalps! Things will likely continue to be a tad rocky between us but I have faith that time and improved behavior in the honesty department on my part will smooth things out butt (hee, hee, I said "butt"!) good. It's good to realize when you are wrong and I'm becoming pretty good at accepting it when it happens and moving forward. Is this "maturity"? Yuck! Fuck that shit, I need to go do some deliciously irresponsible things with the Ghost Town Flood boys this Saturday. Mmmmm, Brett and Chad, two great tastes that taste great together (in my butthole!).

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Chris really IS gone...

Well, there he goes, one of the finest folks this lousy webworld ever had the pleasure of meeting. Three years ago I discovered Chris Jay's blog,, and began reading it voraciously. It was the most important site on the web for me for a long time (sure I had flings with and, but they were only flings) Chrisisgone was my one true web love. And its gone, thanks to what? Some assholes flaming him? A sense that he was misunderstood? I don't know and I don't care. I guess I could be pissed about it but that seems kinda stupid. I'll just remember the good times (most recently involving lengthy comments regarding his butt). How will I fill the void you have left me, Chris? I love you, man. You're beautiful, never forget it. I wouldn't be half of what I am without you. I appreciated the blog while it was there and now that it's not I appreciate it even more. More importantly I appreciate you (though I sometimes have a funny way of showing it). I'm not the easiest person to be friends with and you have been my friend longer than anyone. Thank you. Thank you so very, very much.