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Monday, February 27, 2006

King Hippo runs this shit!

Back from the sunny climes of Shreveport with a saddle bedcked with scalps. Sorry, I've been rereading Blood Meridian and the prose style is infectious. We had a grand old time playing Saturday night with The Big Positive. Our set was shorter than usual on account of us opening which actually turned out to be a good thing. By cutting out some of the fat I think the songs held together better and the energy was as high as it could possibly be. Reve even complimented me after the show, saying it was one of the better ones we have played recently. Sadly, it was the last show Justin would be playing bass for. I'll miss him. At least we sent him off with a bang and kinda recharged our batteries as far as motivation and commitment to the band. Losing one of the first members of the band can be a killing blow and I think we've sidestepped the axe on this one. At least I hope so.

Before the show I went to Java Junction to watch the Great American Crossover show which was very great and very American. Chris was there in full King Hippo mode and it was uber-cool watching him work his magic. Chris has a weird charisma that is some combination of deprecating humor and dead serious pride of place in what he is doing. The other rappers there seemed to love that crazy white boy for being so off the wall and unafraid of making a fool of himself while somehow making the audience take what he says as gospel truth. That's one of the coolest things for me about watching Chris grow as a performer and artist-his sense of humor never takes over completely and reduces what he is doing to the level of a mere joke. I would like to think we have that in common.

Sunday I stayed over at Chris's place and went with him a Sara Hebert to the Highland Mardi Gras Parade which was a trip to say the least. They throw hot dogs from the floats. Frickin' hot dogs. Many of the floats were on the threadbare side which added to the fun. Lots of drunks and children sharing public space in the sun. I drank too much and started to get cranky so Chris took me back to his place and let me sleep it off. But not before going to a park and seeing local favorites Dirtfoot seranding the crowd with their weird Emmet Otter on acid songs. Lovely stuff, seeing the young freaks dancing in the streets. It was very '60's. I even got a shout out from the lead singer, who told the folks to go shake my hand. And some of them did which was a bit strange. I felt almost like someone famous. Then I decided to go pass out.

Picked up Randy Newman's Good Old Boys and T.Rex's Electric Warrior albums. God, those records are boss! Electric Warrior just kicks my ass in every way imaginable and Good Old Boys plays like a short story collection more than a concept album. Chris and I spent a little QT listening to them and giving our two cents on their finer qualities. Gotta love being young and geeky in the city.

That's all for now. Take care of yourselves, guys, because God knows I can't.


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